IT Services

Voice, Video & Collaboration Tools

Sheridan IT offers collaborative applications and systems to improve communication and security at Sheridan campuses and remotely.

Audio/Video Conferencing

Whether your conference needs are local, regional, or international,IT offers various conferencing options to connect users without the inconvenience and expense of travel. [read more]


Call Centres

Sheridan maintains several call centres. In order for call centre employees to access a call centre queue, they must be provisioned with an extension mobility profile and an agent key. [read more]

Corporate Cell Phones

See the Corporate Smart Phones page in the Technology Provisioning section of the IT Service Catalogue for details.

Corporate Travel Bundles

When traveling outside of the country with a smartphone or cellular enabled tablet, we strongly suggest getting a Travel Bundle prior to your departure. [read more]

Desktop Phones

See the Desktop Phones page in the Technology Provisioning section of the IT Service Catalogue for details.

Emergency Phones

Sheridan is committed to the safety and security of all students and staff members, and monitors and maintains emergency call stations located at several points on campus. [read more]

Extension Mobility

Extension Mobility is a service that allows users to log into any College telephone* with their user ID and a pre-assigned PIN. [read more]

Fax Lines

A fax line is necessary to send/receive an image of an electronic document via telecommunications links. Sheridan printers MUST have a fax module installed to send and receive faxes. [read more]

Voicemail Services

Global Voicemail

Global voicemail are voice messages that are sent via campus wide phone system to all students, faculty and staff, or any combination of those segments. [read more]

Phantom Voicemail Boxes

A phantom voicemail box is voicemail without an assigned telephone. [read more]

Single Inbox

The Single Inbox service allows the for the synchronization of your Sheridan voicemail messages with your Sheridan email account— your voicemail messages arrive as email attachments. [read more]

Voicemail Boxes

All faculty and staff are eligible for a voicemail box. [read more]