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IT Support Services

Remote support will be IT's primary method of serving the Sheridan community during the 2021-2022 Academic Year

[updated November 2, 2021] IT Services has transformed its customer support model with a focus on remote support. We have increased capacity & streamlined escalation paths to resolve issues faster. Staff have been upskilled on key components of online learning and working remotely and can offer support for tools such as MS Teams, Webex, Jabber, Bongo, Zoom and more.

Contacting the Service Desk


IT Support Services

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Classroom Support

IT staff will continue to provide support for Sheridan's teaching and learning spaces but with some notable changes:

  • All IT Service staff have taken Sheridan’s COVID training and will be equipped with PPE during their maintenance rounds.
  • Staff will be performing ongoing daily case resolution activities and preventative maintenance of classrooms (sanitizing keyboards, mice, monitors, and other equipment), but only when class is not in session.
  • IT staff will help to troubleshoot classroom issues that require immediate attention remotely, but the faculty member reporting the issue should be prepared to stay connected with the support person, either by phone or online chat, to assist with troubleshooting and/or implementing fixes or work-arounds.
  • Support to deal with classroom issues and perform daily maintenance starts at 6 a.m. and goes on until 8 p.m.

Online Service Appointments

Staff and students can book an online IT service appointment and will be able to meet with a support specialist via MS Teams to deal with technology issues that require a bit more time and effort to address, including:

  • installing software; especially for the titles noted below:
    • Autodesk (Autodesk suite)
    • Automation Studio
    • RobotStudio
  • setting up email
  • laptop pick-ups & returns
  • tech tuneups*
  • setting up print queues

* Tech Tuneups are an extensive laptop support service that helps students to install all of the necessary software required for their program.

Service Appointment Hours

Remote Services

  • 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., Monday - Friday

On-site Services

Davis & Trafalgar Road Campuses

  • 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., Monday - Friday

Hazel McCallion Campus

  • 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday - Friday

† Remote service appointments are not available during the first week of new semester. For fall 2021, remote service appointments will be available beginning Monday, September 13. On-site equipment drop-off/pick-up appointments are available as usual.

Onsite Drop-off & Pick-up of IT Equipment

Students and employees can schedule appointments to drop-off and/or pickup Sheridan owned/leased technology equipment. This service is not available for personally owned devices.

Please note:

  • Prior to dropping off any equipment for maintenance/repair you will need to contact the IT Service Desk via phone or chat so they can triage your situation. They will advise you as to whether or not to schedule a drop-off appointment.
  • You will not be permitted to enter the College via the drop-off/pick-up locations.
  • No shipping or receiving of equipment is permitted, you must drop-off and pick-up equipment in-person following the procedures outlined below.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

You will be required to adhere to the procedures below when dropping off or picking up equipment:

  • You will need to present your Sheridan onecard at the glass door of your appointment location where an IT Support specialist will confirm your identity.
    • Davis campus (Brampton): Door B20 - view on map
    • Hazel McCallion campus (Mississauga)*: Door A3 (A-wing)
    • Trafalgar Road campus (Oakville): Door C15 - view on map
  • You must wait at least two meters from the door while the IT support specialist places a cart outside the door for your drop-off/pick-up.

* HMC drop-offs/pick-ups available starting September 7, 2021

Schedule an Appointment

Visit the IT Service Bookings page to schedule a drop-off or pick-up appointment. If you don’t arrive within 10 minutes of your appointment you may have to schedule another.

Keyboard & Mouse Requests for Remote Employees

Per section 3.6.1 of the Emergency Remote Working Protocol, Sheridan employees may order a keyboard and a mouse from predetermined options with a Sheridan approved vendor.

Employees will need to complete the Keyboard & Mouse Purchase Request Form, providing their manager's name and email address for approval.

Classroom Technology Training On-Demand

The instructional videos below were produced by members of IT's Audio Visual Services team. If you have further questions or concerns about classroom technology, contact the IT Service Desk.

How to use the Crestron Control Panel

How to use the Legacy Crestron Control Panel

How to use the SP Control Panel

How to use the Epson Document Camera