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Latest IT News & Announcements
New Sheridan Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Now Active
MS Azure VDI image

Sheridan's new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure was launched today. If you previously accessed Sheridan's VDI environment with a VMware Horizon client find out how this change impacts you.

01/10/2022 10:10:05 AM
Tech Essentials: Get Connected to On- and Off-Campus Resources
Windows 11/macOS Monterey decorative image

From setting up your email and downloading software to configuring printers and network storage, get connected to and on- and off-campus resources at Sheridan as quickly and easily as possible. Learn more.

01/058/2022 09:35::00 AM
Retirement of 'G' Drives Continues: Drive Mapping Ceases December 31
image of network drive

Starting December 31, ‘G’ drives will no longer be automatically mapped to on-campus Windows desktops. Be sure to copy any files and bookmarks you wish to keep. Learn more.

12/23/2021 10:22:00 AM