About IT
About IT

Office of the Associate Vice-President, IT

Supports the mission and vision of the College through the creation of strategic objectives for the use of information technology at Sheridan. Provides focus on corporate leadership and planning, management of central IT services, and financial and resource management related to IT's operational and capital expenditures across the College.

Corporate Leadership and Planning

  • Supports the mission and vision of the College through the creation of strategic objectives for the use of information technology at Sheridan

  • Participates at a senior level in the planning and decision-making processes of the College and advises on the relevance of current and emerging technologies for the overall direction of the College

  • Tracks a broad range of information technologies and best practices:
    • assesses their maturity
    • explains their meaning and potential value to the senior management team
    • influences academic and administrative decisions regarding the strategic use of information technology

  • Develops and implements College-wide IT governance and communication processes to ensure that the Sheridan community has appropriate input into the IT decision making process and that IT service providers are responsive to the needs of the College and the Sheridan community

  • Support learners and faculty through the creation of facilities and technology that enhance the academic process (e.g. learning centres, information commons, intranets, etc.)

  • Identifies long-term College-wide information technology needs:
    • develops corporate level strategic plans to meet those needs
    • develops policies for ensuring the ongoing effectiveness and security of the College’s IT operations

  • Represents the College’s IT interests to external organizations

Management and Oversight of Central IT Services

Oversees the College’s central IT service units which are responsible for such services as Sheridan's network, telephone system, administrative and other applications, server infrastructure, end-user support, core services such as e-mail, general purpose computing labs, mobile computing classrooms, audio/visual services and the management of the College’s laptop & desktop computer inventory by:

  • Providing the central IT managers with leadership and mentoring

  • Communicating College strategic directions and technology needs to them

  • Developing and directing the implementation of the strategic plan, goals and objectives for the delivery of central IT services

  • Approving technology architectures and long-term operational, staffing and training plans

  • Monitoring and ensuring the effectiveness, integrity and availability of central IT services

  • Directing the resolution of major operational problems that have a significant impact on College operations

Financial and Human Resource Management

  • Develops and monitors the implementation of budgeting guidelines for IT related operational and capital expenditures across the College

  • Develops long-range financial plans for acquisition, maintenance and renewal of info technology

  • Negotiates corporate level IT contracts and develops and maintains partnerships with key technology vendors and other groups

  • Develops corporate level policies and procedures for acquiring and managing IT assets

  • Advises on the staff requirements and skill sets required to make effective use of the technology

  • Designs organizational structures and staffing models to deliver central IT services and manages central IT human resource issues as required

  • Is accountable for the central IT budget