About IT
About IT

IT Services (ITS)

About IT Services

IT Services provides a range of IT services to the Sheridan community. Our specific knowledge areas include:

  • IT Communications

  • Process management of IT system changes and the assessment of their impact on the Sheridan community

  • Process management of the IT Service Catalogue

  • Process management of IT incidents, problems and service requests

  • IT User Experience

  • IT Service Management and adoption of best practices

The IT Service Desk – Your Focal Point of Contact

The IT Service Desk is your focal point of contact for service requests, incident reporting, and the resolution of problems related to the services documented in the IT Service Catalogue.

The IT Service Desk marks the evolution of technical support at Sheridan. It's a place where problems are solved rather than simply reported. Whether you request support via telephone, email, in-person or via our interactive chat feature, you can expect consistent levels of support and service excellence regardless of the contact method or the campus location where support is requested.

Follow Service Desk page for the full range of support options we offer.

Your Campus IT Manager

Your campus IT Manager is your go-to-person for discussions about levels of service, ideas for new services, feedback on service delivery, and any technology related discussions or questions you might have. Your campus IT Managers are:

Davis Campus (Brampton)

Hazel McCallion Campus (Mississauga)

Trafalgar Road Campus/Skills Training Centre (Oakville)