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Technology Provisioning

Corporate Smart Phones & Stipends

Available to

  • Active Sheridan employees who meet eligibility requirements (at the discretion of their area manager/supervisor)


  • the employee is personally responsible for any hardware costs above and beyond the published allowable amount

  • approving department/faculty area is responsible for monthly plan charges


About Corporate Smart Phones & Stipends

Sheridan recognizes the need to provide employees with smart phones and services to help support the duties and responsibilities associated with their position. Eligible employees may receive a communication device, or Sheridan sponsored stipend, at the discretion of their area manager/supervisor provided they meet at least one of the criteria outlined below.


  • The duties and responsibilities of the position require the employee to be mobile, and the employee is expected to be reachable without delay. Responsibilities associated with this criterion may include, but are not limited to, emergency student support, emergency technical support, emergency facilities management, and labour relations/health & safety/human rights/harassment and legal matters.

  • The position is required to be "on call" outside of regular business hours.

  • The position's primary responsibility is off-campus student recruitment (both domestically and internationally).

  • The position has a senior communications function as part of the assigned duties and responsibilities and/or, as part of the employee's regular work function, he or she must maintain a consistent and mobile social media presence.

  • The position holds membership (regular and alternate) on the Sheridan Emergency Response Team or Threat Assessment Team or Occupational Health & Safety Services Management team.


For employees that do not meet the criteria, they will need to provide rationale for the request and gain approval from the VP Finance and Administration.

Ordering a New Device/SIM Card/Hardware Upgrades

Purchasing a Sheridan Sponsored Device

In accordance with the guidelines established in the Employee Technology Policy, Sheridan will reimburse eligible employees up to $350 (taxes included) towards the purchase price of a new phone/phone upgrade and accessories—costs above and beyond this amount are the responsibility of the employee.

  • Employees must purchase their device/accessories, using their personal credit card, from our vendor-partner, Rogers, via the online store that has been setup for Sheridan users. Employees will be reimbursed by Finance after submitting a General Expense report via Chrome River along with their purchase receipt.
  • Once the device is purchased, it is the employee's to keep. Employees are not required to surrender their device upon termination of employment, extended leave of absence, or a reorganization that no longer entitles the employee to have a Sheridan sponsored cellular device. However, the residual value of the cell phone may be considered a taxable benefit.

Hardware Upgrades

Sheridan sponsored devices are on a two-year contract and employees are eligible for hardware upgrades every two years.

Ordering and Reimbursement Instructions

Ordering New Phones/Plans, SIMs & Hardware Upgrades

Ordering a New Phone & Plan

  1. Employees who are eligible for a Sheridan-provided smart phone must first fill out the Corporate Smart Phone Request Form and have it approved and signed by their manager/director. Completed forms must be sent to Accounts Payable. You do not need to complete this form if you already have a Sheridan sponsored phone and are ordering a hardware upgrade.
  2. Once you receive confirmation of your approved request, you can order your phone* from Rogers. You can view detailed ordering instructions here.

    If you requested the transfer of your existing phone number with your order, you will receive detailed instructions with the delivery of your new phone indicating how to complete your number transfer.

Ordering a Rogers SIM Card for Your Existing Device

Users who are eligible to receive a new SIM card for their device have been contacted via email and have until June 30 to provide us with their current mailing address to receive their new SIM card. Instructions via the link below.

Hardware Upgrades

Sheridan sponsored devices are on a two-year contract and employees are eligible for hardware upgrades every two years.

As we transition to our new contract with Rogers, users who are eligible for hardware upgrades will be notified by IT via email. In the meantime, if you currently have a phone and plan sponsored by Sheridan and want to see if or when you're eligible to upgrade, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to*
  2. Enter the following credentials: 
    • username: sheridanuser 
    • password: Sheridan1
  3. From the Shop menu select Upgrade eligibility
  4. Enter your mobile phone number

* this site will be inaccessible once our contract with Bell expires

If you are eligible to receive an upgrade, you will need to follow the process for ordering a new device from Rogers.

Reimbursement Instructions

Eligible employees ordering a corporate cell phone will be reimbursed by Sheridan after submitting a General Expense report via Chrome River along with their purchase receipt.

Damaged Devices and Device Protection

In the event your phone becomes accidentally damaged during the contract period, you are eligible for an equivalent hardware replacement – up to two-times per contract period . You will need to return your damaged phone to Rogers and an equivalent replacement will be sent to you – most likely a refurbished model. Note that your original phone will not be returned to you.

Corporate Plans & Charges

Employees with a Sheridan sponsored cellular device will receive a monthly cellular service plan with Sheridan’s current wireless carrier. Monthly plan charges are the responsibility of the department requesting the phone on behalf of the employee. A monthly email statement will be sent to the employee as well as to the employee's manager/supervisor as specified on the request form. The billing period starts on the first of each month.

Plan Charges

Monthly plan charges are as indicated below. These rates are non-negotiable and subject to change without prior notice. Additional charges may apply.

  • Voice & text service: $4.75/mo.
  • Long distance charges:
    • Canada-wide long distance @ $0.01/min.*
    • Canada to USA Long Distance @ $0.15/min.**
  • Data: up to 6 GB @ $14.30/mo.
    • Data usage over 6 GB will be billed at the unlimited data rate of $45/mo.

Plan Features

Sheridan's Rogers plan features:

  • Unlimited anytime local minutes
  • Unlimited text messages (sent from within Canada)
  • Free MMS messages (sent from within Canada)
  • Voicemail
  • Call Display
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conference Calling
  • Wi-Fi Calling

* unlimited Canada-wide long distance available for an additional $3.13/month

** unlimited USA long distance plan for an additional$15/month
US & International Preferred pricing also available for $5/month (provides discounted long distance per minute rates)

For the long distance plans noted above, contact the IT Service Desk to have them added to your account but only AFTER you have ordered/received your Rogers phone and/or SIM card.

Text and MMS messages sent from outside of Canada are subject to a per message charge. See Travelling with Your Device (below) for details.

Text/MMS Message Charges

MMS messages as well as normal text messages that are sent outside of Canada are subject to a per message charge as follows:

  • $0.75 per MMS message
  • $0.45 per text message

Travelling with Your Device*

Roam Like Home

'Roam Like Home' is automatically enabled – you use the talk, text and data included in your monthly plan just like you would at home at a fixed per day rate:

  • $12/day for the US
  • $20/day for International

* you can often realize significant savings by purchasing a prepaid plan with a local provider once your reach your destination.


A stipend is provided as an alternative for those who are entitled to a Sheridan provided cellular device but opt to use their own personal device and provider. The stipend payment is intended to reimburse the employee for the business use of the phone and not to pay the entire cost of the plan. The stipend amount will be:

  • Voice only: $4.75/mo.
  • Voice & Data: $35/mo.

Reimbursement Details

Eligible employees requesting a stipend will be reimbursed by Finance after submitting a General Expense report via Chrome River along with proof of billing, as required

Terms & Conditions

  • Employees that are currently on a 2-year contract with Sheridan’s cellular carrier are not eligible to receive a stipend.
  • Employees must provide a copy of the personally paid cellular phone bill to Sheridan semi-annually in order for Sheridan to justify non-taxable benefit status for the stipend.
  • Sheridan will not sponsor a stipend for cellular hardware, accessories, or additional cellular service features including but not limited to International or North American roaming, International, North American, or Canadian long distance, Picture/MMS messaging, International or North American text messaging.
  • It is the responsibility of the employee to immediately notify Sheridan (Payroll) when the sponsored stipend is no longer required due to termination of employment, extended leave of absence, or a reorganization that no longer entitles the employee to have a Sheridan sponsored stipend.