IT Services

Servers and Data

Network Drives

Personal Network Drives

Each Sheridan user is assigned a network account and allocated 300 MB of disk space.
[Read more about Personal Network Drives.]

Shared Network Drives

A shared network drive is a remotely accessible folder that can be used for storing and sharing files with other users. [Read more about Shared Network .]

Sheridan OneDrive

The Sheridan OneDrive service allows users to store, backup and synchronize files and folders from multiple devices (desktop, laptop or mobile) to an online storage space with up to 1TB of storage per user. [Read more about Sheridan OneDrive.]

Virtual Server Hosting

A virtual server runs its own operating system, and is indistinguishable from a traditional physical server. [Read more about Virtual Server Hosting.]

Enterprise Data Backup & Recovery

IT employs enterprise level backup and recovery systems to ensure the College’s important data is kept safe from threats such as viruses, disasters, system failures and human error. [Read more about Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery.]