IT Services

Technology Provisioning

Employee Hardware Acquisitions

Employees can learn about Sheridan’s current technology standards and how to acquire hardware to support their job functions. Also includes details about hardware support and repairs. [Read more about hardware acquisition]

Loaner Laptops

For Students

All students who are enrolled in a program that mandates the use of a laptop are entitled to a free emergency loaner laptop for a duration of 7 days per term. [Read more about student loaner laptops]

For Sheridan Employees

Sheridan employees can sign out a laptop to meet short-term needs, for project work or for times when user's laptop is undergoing maintenance. [Read more about employee loaner laptops]

Technology Infrastructure Design Consultations

IT provides consultations and advice for any of Sheridan's infrastructure projects where there is a technology component. [Read more about Technology Infrastructure Design Consultatons]

Sheridan Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktops* allow Sheridan faculty, students, and staff to use their Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices to connect to a virtual Windows desktop that runs in the cloud in order to use College-licensed software. [Read more about Virtual Desktops]