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CAB (Change Advisory Board)

Change is the addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect on IT services. Changes are introduced to realize benefits and reduce service disruptions, defects, and rework. The purpose of Change Management is to control (but not become bureaucratic) all the changes so we can protect the business, the continuity of our services and optimize risk.

About CAB

Change Management doodle The establishment of the Change Management process necessitated the development of the governance structure to ensure that appropriate levels of authority are engaged in approving proposed changes.

The Change Advisory Board was founded on August 12, 2015. The CAB's Terms of Reference reflect its mandate, scope and modus operandi.


Agendas and Minutes

CAB is scheduled to meet each Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. as required to address proposed or open change requests. Meetings are available to Sheridan employees, scheduled for one hour and conducted via WebEx.

Meeting Archives

2019 Meetings

2018 Meetings

2017 Meetings

2016 Meetings

CAB Membership

The membership of the CAB is flexible, depending on the change(s) being reviewed, to ensure that there is proper representation of the appropriate technical and business interests. In addition to the standing members referenced below, change originators, service owners and/or the business owners affected by a proposed change are invited to attend CAB.

CAB Representatives

CAB Chair(s)

Name Affiliated Area Date in Role
James Duncan Information Technology October 17, 2016
Vacant Non-IT TBD

Standing Members

Business Unit Primary Alternate
Office of the Registrar Bryan MacFarlane None
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Vacant None
Faculty of Continuing & Prof. Studies Vacant None
Faculty of Applied Science & Technology Robert Pearce None
PSOB Dayan Ginige None
Faculty of Appl. Health & Comm. Studies Vacant None
Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design Martin de Bernardo None
Finance & Administration Vacant None
HR Vacant None
CTL Yanfei Ma Farzana Jiwani
Student Services Lingling Jiang Jennifer Hance
Marketing and Communications Kevin Bunt None
Information Technology - CSG Ian Colquhoun Kevin McDermott
Information Technology - ITSEC Angelo Spina Desmond Irvine
Information Technology - ISG Martin Nowakowski Rene Naidu
Information Technology - ESS Ausim Mobeen Phil Robitaille
Information Technology - ITSD Adrian Balaura Joel Thomas
Information Technology - CTG Trevor Hanekamp Arlene Smyth
Information Technology - PMO Katherine Budaya-Billard Guilherme Engmann

Advising Members

Business Unit Primary Alternate
Campus Security Catherine Sloat Josh Fortier
Facilities Management Hunter Kirkpatrick Carolyn Judd

Supporting Members

Name Affiliated Area
Kevin Pashuk AVP, Information Technology
TBD Cherwell Administration
Marcie Matsubuchi Recorder
Rod Stewart IT Knowledge and Communications Coordinator

Advising and supporting members have no voting privileges

Support and Resources

Change Management/CAB Resources

Cherwell Resources

Cherwell is the software tool used by Sheridan for IT Service Management (ITSM). The CAB utilizes Cherwell to manage change requests.

Cherwell Training Session Archives

The video linked below requires the WebEx Network Recording Player for Advanced Recording Format (.arf) files to view. This version, and other WebEx players, can be downloaded from sheridancollege.webex.com. Select Support > Downloads and follow the link under Recorder and Players.


IT Change Manager/Process Owner

CAB Co-Chairs

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Cherwell Training and Resources

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