IT Services
Technology Provisioning

Employee Loaner Laptops

Available to

  • Active Sheridan employees

Service Availability


  • Must have a valid Sheridan onecard

[updated September 15, 2020] IT has a limited number of loaner laptops (Lenovo & Mac models) available for use by Sheridan employees. Laptop loaners and rentals are subject to availability.

Project Loaners (longer than 2-weeks)

Users who are doing work on an official Sheridan project and require use of a laptop for more than 2-weeks may be eligible to receive a loaner laptop. Laptops borrowed for project work must be requested on the employee's behalf by their manager/supervisor.

Service Loaners

Sheridan employees who have a college leased or owned laptop that requires servicing are eligible to receive a loaner laptop while her/his laptop is being repaired.

Departmental Rentals

Employees in Sheridan's administrative and faculty offices can rent a laptop from IT. The requesting department will be charged a rental fee of $60/month.