IT Services

Software for Students

Software for students is now delivered via AppsAnywhere*. AppsAnywhere provides all Sheridan students an easy way to access software, on demand, through a web browser.

* AppsAnywhere replaces the former 'Software Installation' page that was available via AccessSheridan.

Software for Mobile Computing Students

Software for Mobile Computing students includes specialized software that is required for your particular Mobile Computing program as well as utilities and applications that are available to all Mobile students.

Software for All Sheridan Students

Sheridan students have access to select software packages that are licensed by Sheridan for use by all students.

OntheHub: Discounted Software for Students

Select software applications are available to eligible Sheridan students from OnTheHub at greatly discounted prices, including software made available through the Microsoft Imagine program.

Software on Lab Computers

Computers in Sheridan's Learning Commons locations and open access labs feature many popular software packages to help Sheridan students with course work.