IT Services

Microsoft 365 and Azure Dev Tools for Students

Available to

  • Sheridan students who have paid their fees and are active in a program.


[updated April 22, 2021] Microsoft 365 is a complete suite of software tools for things you do most, word processing & document creation (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), presentations (PowerPoint) and note-taking/information management (OneNote).

Key Features

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based subscription software package from Microsoft (subscription licensing is only available while you are an active student) that contains a number of productivity and communication tools including:

  • Microsoft Office Online
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft 365 for mobile devices
    • Available via the app store for your device
  • Microsoft 365 desktop apps
    • Available on up to 5 personal devices per user

Accessing your Microsoft 365 Subscription

Accessing Microsoft 365

Active students can access their Microsoft 365 subscription as follows:

  1. Visit: and log-in via Sheridan's Single Sign-On login page.Screenshot of Sheridan Single Sign-On
  2. You will be presented with a Microsoft pop-up window showing your Microsoft 365 login account and will be requested to choose to Stay signed in?Screenshot of Microsoft pop-up window
  3. You can now access Microsoft 365 apps and services.
    Screenshot of applications view
  • The online applications in your Microsoft 365 web portal view are web-based applications and do not require any additional software installation.
  • To install Office on your computer, select Install Office apps.

For more information about getting started with Microsoft 365 see the Microsoft Office Help & Training Resource Page

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is an educational program that offers free software for learning, teaching and research purposes. This service is provided and managed directly by Microsoft. All software is accessible through Microsoft's Azure Education Hub. Detailed information about this service can be found on AppsAnywhere.


If you have questions related to the software’s usage and features, please refer to the Microsoft Office Help & Training Resource Page.

Problems accessing your Microsoft 365 account? Contact the IT Service Desk