IT Services

Software for Employees

The IT department is your main point of contact for software that is available for use on campus. Software for employee workstations is typically delivered via AppsAnywhere*.

If you don't see the software you are looking for, contact the IT Service Desk. We may be able to suggest an alternative. If there is general and continuing interest in a specific software product not yet offered on campus, we will research the request to see if we can negotiate an agreement that will benefit the Sheridan community.

* AppsAnywhere replaces the former 'Software Installation' page that was available via AccessSheridan.

Software for Employee Workstations

Sheridan staff have access to select software packages that are licensed by Sheridan for use by all employees.

OnTheHub: Software for Employee Home Use

OnTheHub provides Sheridan employees with home-use versions of select software packages at greatly discounted prices.