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How to Set-up a Teams Meeting with Registration

[June 22, 2021] The meeting registration feature in Microsoft Teams allows meeting organizers to easily create a custom web-based meeting registration page that can be used to:

Additional info about Teams meetings with registration is also available on on the Microsoft website. See Schedule a Teams meeting with registration support.

Who can Register for a Teams Meeting?

Who can register to attend a Teams Meeting?

If the meeting organizer chooses the 'Require registration' option, 'For people in your org',

  • the registration page will be accessible only to students and employees at Sheridan.

If the organizer chooses the 'Require registration' option ' For everyone',

  • the registration page will also be accessible to individuals outside of Sheridan.

Default Meeting Options

Default Meeting Options

By default the following meeting options will be enabled:

  • Everyone can bypass the meeting lobby
  • Callers will be announced when they join or leave
  • Only specific people chosen as presenters can present during the meeting
  • Attendees microphones and video will be turned off
  • Meeting chat will be enabled
  • Reactions will be enabled

Setting up a Teams Meeting with Registration Options

Setting up a Teams Meeting with Registration Options

  1. Left-click on the New meeting button in the Microsoft Teams calendar app.
  2. Left-click on the Require registration dropdown menu.
  3. Select either For people in your org or the For everyone option to determine who should be allowed to register for this meeting.
  4. Enter a name for your meeting or webinar.
  5. (Optional) Add any users that will be presenting during your meeting or webinar
  6. (Required) Choose a date and time for the meeting or webinar NOTE: Be sure that this doesn't change, see feature limitations and known issues.
  7. (Optional) Enter in a description for your meeting or webinar.
  8. Left-click on the Send button to have the meeting or webinar added to your calendar and the invite to be sent to your presenters.

Customizing the Teams Meeting Registration Page

How to customize your meeting or webinar registration page

  1. In your meeting details screen in Teams, left-click on the Customize registration form link.
  2. In the registration form page, left-click on the Edit link.
  3. (Optional) Left-click the Upload an image button if you would like to have a banner image displayed on your registration page
  4. (Recommended) Add a title to your registration page that describes to your attendees what this meeting or webinar is about
  5. (Optional) The date and time on the registration page should match your teams meeting event, if not, modify the date and times to match your meeting event.
  6. (Recommended) Provide a description of the meeting or webinar so that attendees have a good sense of what will be covered during this event.
  7. (Optional) Add the names and bios of any speakers that will be presenting during the event.
  8. (Optional) If you would like to collect more information than the default required fields, left-click on the Add field link to add more form fields that will be required by registrants to fill out.
  9. Left-click on the Save button to save the updates to your registration page and to send an updated event email to any registered attendees.

Limitations & Known Issues

Limitations & Known Issues

  • If the meeting organizer modifies the meeting date or time of the calendar event in Teams, it does not update the registration page calendar invites for attendees that have already registered. This allows the meeting organizer and any optional presenters to start and setup the meeting prior to attendees joining. NOTE: Be sure to make sure that the registration page date and time reflect the time that you want the attendees to join the meeting or webinar.
  • The meeting organizer cannot create a Teams meeting event with the meeting registration option in Outlook. The creation and modification of the meeting registration details must be performed through Microsoft Teams.
  • The meeting organizer cannot use the meeting registration feature within a Teams recurring meeting or a Teams channel meeting.