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About WebEx Conferencing Services

Whether your conference needs are local, regional, or international, IT offers various conferencing options to connect users without the inconvenience and expense of travel. Our conferencing solutions allow participants to conduct simultaneous audio and/or video communication between two or more locations anywhere in the world.

WebEx Audio Conferencing

Audio-based teleconferencing is a great way to connect multiple users from across Sheridan's campuses or off-site locations via telephone. IT's state-of-the-art conferencing infrastructure ensures the highest quality of service to meeting attendees. No special equipment is required. All you and your participants need is a phone line and a touch-tone phone. Once all participants are connected into the conference call, everyone can speak normally and join in the discussion, just as if they were seated around a boardroom table.

High Definition WebEx Video Conferencing

Sheridan staff can take advantage of the high-definition ( HD), video conferencing systems that are available at the Davis, Hazel McCallion and Trafalgar Road campuses. These systems provide an excellent user experience with true-to-life quality for rich interaction and team collaboration. HD video conferencing is ideal for meetings between campuses or can be used to connect with external users as well. Sheridan's video conferencing system is fully interoperable with standards-based video, phone, or PC video.

Mobile WebEx Video Carts

Mobile video carts can be reserved and delivered to most* campus locations. There are two video carts each available for sign-out at the Davis, Hazel McCallion and Trafalgar Road campuses.

Getting Started with WebEx

Scheduling a WebEx Audio or WebEx Video Conference

Booking WebEx video conferences can be done through Outlook using the Add WebEx Meeting add-on button on the WebEx menu ribbon.

Add WebEx meeting Outlook button

For a step-by-step guide on scheduling an audio of video conference please visit How to Schedule an Audio or Video Conference.

If you do not have the Add WebEx Meeting add-on button on your Outlook menu ribbon, you can follow the How to Install WebEx Meeting Add-on or contact the Information Technology Service Desk for assistance.

Connecting to Your WebEx Conference

Request a WebEx Video Conference Cart

To request a video cart please submit your request using the WebEx Video Cart Request form.


In Person Support

Available at the IT Service Desk.

Phone or Email

Call the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to

What is WebEx?

  • Answer. An application sharing and conferencing service widely used for presentations, demos, training and collaborating. Everything the host/presenter can view on their computer can be viewed by all participants in the WebEx conference.

What are WebEx Productivity Tools?

  • Answer. WebEx Productivity Tools are a faster, easier way to start, schedule and join a WebEx session from Microsoft Outlook.

What is my Personal Room?

  • Answer. Think of this as a personal conference room. You have your own easy to remember link that always stays the same so WebEx participants always know where your meetings are being help.

What is the lobby of my Personal Room?

  • Answer. The lobby is the waiting room for attend in order to access your Personal Room, otherwise Attendees in the lobby will not be able to screen share or hear audio.

What can I use my Personal Room for?

  • Answer. Instant meetings that start a meeting with participants and they will always know where it is being held.
  • Private meetings where you lock your room so you can control who is allowed in. Microsoft Outlook invitations allow you to copy and paste your Personal Room link into your Microsoft Outlook invitations so that attendees can join your Personal Room just like a regular WebEx meeting.

What settings apply to my Personal Room?

  • Answer. Meet Now settings are instant meetings that started with the Meet Now command and are held in your Personal Room by default. You can change this setting if you would like this command to start a regular WebEx meeting instead.
  • To change your preferences on the WebEx main page go to: Set Up/Preferences/Meet Now settings and uncheck Use Personal Room for all my instant meetings.

Can I deactivate the Beep Tone that plays when someone joins or leaves my meeting?

  • Answer. Select Edit in the menu bar.
  • Select Preferences.
  • The first tab allows you to change Chat sounds.
  • Select the Participants tab to change the Join, Leave, and Raise hand sounds.
  • By unchecking the boxes, no sounds will play.
  • To change the sound that is played, select a new sound the drop-down labelled Beep Sound.
  • Select the Play icon to the right of the Browse... button to test the selected sound.

How to Mute All Meeting Attendees?

  • Answer. This is useful when hosting a large meeting to reduce the background noise.
  • While the WebEx Meeting is active, right select on the Participants list. The Participants icon is at the top right corner of the WebEx Meeting.
  • Select Mute All or Un-Mute All as needed.
  • Attendees can also be muted one at a time by selecting the speaker icon beside the participants name.

My audio is not working when I connect to a WebEx meeting, why not?

  • Answer. Ensure that you have selected your audio format from the pop-up that appeared when you joined the meeting. If the window was closed without choosing, you will be in ‘view only’ mode. To re-launch the dialogue, select the Audio icon. It looks like a headset beside your name in the WebEx application.
  • If you are still having audio issues (no sound, no mic, etc.), select the Audio Icon and select the Test Speaker/Microphone link under the Leave Audio Conference button. This will bring up the WebEx Test panel. From here, ensure that the correct speaker output is selected from the drop-down list, and hit Test. If you can hear sound, then the issue is not likely on your end. Similarly, make sure the correct mic is selected; when speaking into your mic, you should see the green bar move in time with your voice. Adjust the volume as needed.

Can I schedule a recurring meeting?

  • Answer. Yes, there are a couple of ways to schedule a recurring meeting.
  • In Outlook, you can Schedule a Meeting/Schedule a WebEx Meeting under Recurrence enter your Appointment Recurrence and select OK. This will create re-occurring WebEx meetings.
  • In the Date and Time section of the Advanced Scheduler, set the recurrence to None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. You can customize the settings such as the frequency and the end date.

Can I add WebEx to an existing recurring meeting?

  • Answer. You cannot add WebEx to a meeting in a series that does not already include WebEx. You must delete the recurring meeting and re-create them including WebEx.

Can I access WebEx from anywhere?

  • Answer. Yes, WebEx can be accessed anywhere there is Internet Connectivity. Depending on the speed of your connection, you may experience quality issues.

Can I schedule a meeting for someone else?

  • Answer. Yes, provided the person you are scheduling for has given you permission on their WebEx, My Profile page.
  • Go to: My Webex/Preferences/Scheduling Options/Scheduling permission and add the email address of the host you want to allow to schedule meetings on your behalf.
  • When it’s time to schedule a meeting for your WebEx site, select Schedule a Meeting from the left-hand navigation menu, then display the Advanced Scheduler. Select the name of the person from the Schedule for drop-down. Set the meeting options, then select Schedule Meeting.
  • From Outlook, you must be assigned as a delegate for the host in order to open their calendar. Select File > Open > Other User's folder. Select Name and select the host's name from the address book, then select Calendar from the folder type: drop-down, and select OK. Select a date in the host's calendar, and then select Schedule Meeting from the Outlook toolbar. Schedule the meeting, entering meeting information on the Appointment tab and selecting attendees from the Invite Attendees or Scheduling menus. Select Add WebEx Meeting. Enter and confirm a password. Verify the meeting options and select OK to close the dialog box. Select Send.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can have in a meeting?

  • Answer. Yes, up to 250 participants can join a WebEx Meeting.

How do I share a presentation during my meeting?

  • Answer. Select Share > File from the menu bar, or select Share File on the Quick Start page. Locate the presentation file you want to share, then select Open. Use the page controls at the top of the meeting window to move through slides. If you are sharing a presentation created with PowerPoint 2013 or later, the page controls will not advance through transitions and animations.
  • If you have added notes to a shared PowerPoint presentation created with PowerPoint 2010 or earlier, they will be available to the presenter in the PPT Notes panel.
  • For best results when sharing presentations created with PowerPoint 2013 or later, use Share Application.

How do I share an application, a file, my desktop or video during a meeting?

  • Answer. After you start your meeting, select the Share Screen button at the bottom of the Quick Start tab and select what monitor you would like to share or select on the More Options under Share Screen to see what application you can share. 
  • Once you share something, participants will see what you see. You can also select Share from the meeting menu bar on top left of the meeting page.

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