Tech Essentials

ilapConnect, Configure and Go

From network access and printing, to installing software and accessing your Sheridan email, the information and links below are your guide to getting connected to technology and online services at Sheridan.

Connecting to Sheridan's Network

Staff and students in all academic areas (classrooms, labs, the Learning Commons, open access areas) must log-in to with their Sheridan credentials to gain access to the network. Wireless users can connect to the Sheridan Secure Access network. Users connecting with a wired connection need simply to launch a web browser to log onto the Sheridan network. For detailed information, please see:

Connecting to Network Printers

Configuration guides for printing are listed below. Install the print drivers appropriate to the areas of the College where you will be accessing printing services.

Printing to Lexmark Printers on the Global Green Queues

Users simply need to send their print job to the global 'green' print queue associated with their campus and they can release their job from any secure-release printer, on any campus, using their Sheridan oneCARD.

Legacy Printers in Classrooms and Administrative Offices

Some printers, like those found in Sheridan classrooms and some administrative areas, are not on the global print queue and, consequently, must be configured individually—you will have to setup a print queue for each of these printers you wish to print from.

Web Print

Web Print is a driverless printing service that allows you to print by uploading documents from a web browser. No client software or driver installation is required. Web Print provides a simple way to enable printing for laptop and wireless users without the overhead of installing printer drivers.

Pay-for-Print Info

* If you are a student and a laptop user in a non-Mobile Computing program, you must install the PaperCut Client software before you will be able to access a printer on Sheridan's network.

Setting Your Password Hint

Sheridan has introduced a self-service password reset utility. When you log-in to AccessSheridan, you will see a box with the heading "Set a Password Hint". (If you have already done this, you will not see this message) Follow the link to setup your personal password reset hint question and answer. After doing this, you will be able to do self-service password resets by answering the secret question via the Password Reset Utility (available under the AccessSheridan Log In button).

If you require further assistance, go to the IT Service Desk for assistance. Photo ID will be required.

Configuring Your Sheridan Email

Many of the communications you receive from Sheridan come to you exclusively via your Sheridan email account. It is critical that you monitor your Sheridan email account regularly so that you do not miss any important messages and/or deadlines. You have a number of options to access your Sheridan email.

Configuring a Personal Network Drive

Each Sheridan user is assigned a network account and allocated 300 MB of disk space on a Sheridan server—your personal network drive. These drives are backed up every night, so it's a good idea to store your most important files on your network drive. To connect to your network drive, follow the link to the appropriate instructions below:

Go - Sheridan Student & Staff Resources


AccessSheridan is Sheridan's online student information portal. It provides you with convenient and easy access to your personal information and online services, including MyStudent Centre.

Mobile Computing

Sheridan’s Mobile Computing program benefits you by integrating laptop computers into the learning experience and allows you to learn in the way that you’ll need to work after graduation: collaboratively, using online resources.

Students in mobile computing programs are required to own a laptop computer that complies with their program’s hardware and software standards. For full details on Mobile Computing at Sheridan, including whether your program is mobile, please visit the Mobile Computing page.

Software Downloads

Software downloads for Windows are available via the Software Installation link (found under the heading Sheridan Resources) in AccessSheridan. This is software that has been made available by Information Technology.

Academic Licensed Software for Mobile Computing

Students in Mobile Computing programs and staff/faculty with laptop computers will need to download and run the Sheridan Software Access program. Once the program has been run, your computer will be authorized to download licensed software from AccessSheridan.

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Software

All Sheridan students are eligible to receive a copy of Adobe CC for use on a personal computer.

Sheridan employees can download and install Adobe CC on any College owned or leased PC. Home use versions are available from OnTheHub at a greatly discounted price.

For complete details, please visit the information pages referenced below:

Discounted Software from OnTheHub

Sheridan students and staff can now take advantage of some great discounts on software from OnTheHub (formerly e-academy). Users are entitled to purchase a single license for software from companies such as Microsoft and VMWare at greatly discounted prices—some titles for students are actually free (e.g. Microsoft Office; Windows 10). Please be aware that not all software will be available to all users — students who are in a Mobile Computing program will enjoy the greatest selection.

For complete details see the OnTheHub page.

Technical Support

Sheridan students have access to a wide variety of technology support resources. The IT Service Catalogue is an online tool that can help you with a broad range of IT Services and support topics, including: accounts, email, printing, security; networking and more.

You also have access to staff professionals at the IT Service Desk. The Service Desk provides in-person support and telephone assistance, 5 days a week, for mobile computing related support issues.