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Renewing Your Adobe Serial Key After it has Expired

Students with Expired Adobe CC Serial Keys

Eligible students who received a serial key for Adobe CC last year will soon find – if they haven’t already – that their one-year software license has expired. Full-time, registered students who are continuing classes at Sheridan can get a new redemption code for Adobe CC from OnTheHub. Follow the redemption instructions* on the Adobe page to get your new serial key.

Students who have graduated or left the College are not entitled to additional free license keys. You can, however, convert your license to a normal Creative Cloud membership if you choose to pay for your own account after the one-year license expires.

* please note that you cannot request a new serial key until you have been notified that your current license has expired.

Expired CS6 Serial Keys

If you were entitled to a perpetual license for Adobe CS6 and your serial key has expired, see Replacement Keys for Expired CS6 Serial Numbers for details.