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Retired Software Titles

As of July 31, 2017, the N-2 versions for Windows, Office, Project and Visio will be retired. [read more]

Available to

  • Sheridan employees


  • as noted on the OnTheHub website*


  • must have a network account, including a Sheridan username and password

  • must have a North American billing address and credit card

* pricing is subject to change without notice

Related Info

About OnTheHub

As a staff or faculty member at Sheridan, you are entitled to purchase a single "work at home" license for software applications (such as Adobe CC, Microsoft Windows, Office, and Project) at greatly discounted prices.

You can take advantage of this offer only once, per software application,  Once faculty/staff have purchased an item, the system will ensure that you will not be able to purchase another of the same title and version.

Notes and Conditions

  • The products offered are for Sheridan staff and faculty only, not for the general public. You may be requested to provide proof of academic affiliation in order to take advantage of these special offers

  • Your billing address must be in North America and the transaction must take place with a North American credit card.

  • A copy of the software may be downloaded onto your computer (then burn the ISO image to a CD, allowing you to install it on one other computer) or your may do a mail order to have the media shipped to you.

  • The listed software offerings from Microsoft represents only a fraction of what is available to you. Search for 'Microsoft' in the product search on the OnTheHub website to access hundreds of other software titles.

  • In addition to software titles from Microsoft, software is available from other vendors at exceptional prices.

Accessing Software from OnTheHub

Click the link below to go to the OnTheHub website. You will be required to log-in with your Sheridan credentials. When you reach the OnTheHub site, click on the Faculty/Staff tab at the top of the page to begin.

Go to OnTheHub


Contact OnTheHub if you have specific inquiries about:

  • Registration and Accounts
  • Shipping and Ordering
  • Downloading
  • Software Installation and more

If you have problems accessing the Sheridan OnTheHub online store, contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to