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Adobe CC (Creative Cloud)

Available to

  • Sheridan employees


  • must be a Sheridan employee and adhere to the guidelines set out in Sheridan's Acceptable Use Policy

  • must have an network account, including a Sheridan username and password

[updated December 11, 2020] Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications and services from Adobe that gives subscribers access to a collection of software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, along with a set of mobile applications and also some optional cloud services.

Adobe CC for Work & Home

Sheridan is licensed to distribute Adobe CC on any college owned or leased computer. Further, our enterprise license allows users to install Adobe CC apps on up to two devices. Employees requiring access to Adobe CC apps and services from a home computer can do so by logging in with their enterprise ID from their personal device.

Adobe Stock Now Available

Our license now provides coverage for Adobe Stock, featuring millions of standard* images which includes photos, vectors and illustrations. You can access Adobe Stock through the Creative Cloud Desktop app or by signing in with your Sheridan account on Adobe’s Stock Website. 

The new stock features are automatically available for all staff and students, but you may need to sign out and sign back into your Adobe account for the change to take effect.

* Premium stock assets such as templates, video and audio are not available under our agreement. If you try to license assets not covered under our agreement, it will not allow you to proceed.

Acquiring/Verifying Your License & Accessing Software/Services

Adobe CC is included on all new Sheridan disk images for Windows-based and Mac laptops.

If you have a computer running an older disk image or are not using a Sheridan disk image you can access Adobe software and services by making sure you have an active Enterprise License and using the Creative Cloud app to manage your software and services.

Using Creative Cloud Apps on a Podium PC or Lab Computer

Creative Cloud desktop applications are available on both Windows and Mac PCs in Sheridan's open-access computing labs, including those found in the Learning Commons. Certain online features may not be available on open-access devices.

Users Must Authenticate to Access Adobe Apps on shared Academic Lab Computers

Users who want to access Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) apps from a Windows-based lab computer or podium PC will now be required to provide their enterprise credentials to use the apps*. We strongly recommend you use the Creative Cloud Desktop app to manage your log-ins to Adobe CC apps on lab machines.

* This change will be implemented on shared Apple computers found in labs and classroom podiums in the Fall of 2019.

Managing Creative Cloud App Versions

Avoid file compatibility issues when using lab computers or podium PCs for your work. If you want to be able to edit the work you create in Creative Cloud apps both in the lab and on your own machine, be sensitive to the software version you are using.


For issues related to installation or licensing, contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to

Known Issues & Troubleshooting

My browser is flashing when installing the Creative Cloud desktop app. What's up with that?

Chrome and Opera browsers display odd behavior during the installation of the Adobe Creative Cloud app. Browser windows would go completely black for a few seconds at a time, seemingly at random. The behavior occurred across multiple pages. 

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 
  • Browsers: Chrome & Opera 
  • Solution: Restarting your browsers after the installation has completed seems to resolve this issue.

Google Chrome crashes when I log into

Some Google Chrome users running a Windows-based computer have experienced crashes the first time they sign-in using their Enterprise ID. In these instances, the sign-in processing page was displayed for about 30 seconds prior to the browser crashing. 

Solution: Restart Chrome and try signing into Adobe again.

Additional Support Resources

Support Resources from Adobe

LinkedIn Learning Training Videos

Several video tutorials regarding Adobe CC usage are available from LinkedIn Learning. Follow the instructions below to access the courses:

  1. Go to
  2. You will be directed to Sheridan's single sign-on page. Enter your Sheridan credentials. You will return to LinkedIn Learning.
  3. Enter Adobe CC in the search field at the top of the page to see all available resources.

Adobe Creative Cloud FAQs

What is the difference between an Adobe ID and an Adobe Enterprise ID?

Adobe has several ways to manage user identities with Creative Cloud. If you have previously obtained a license from OnTheHub (or have previously paid for a license) you were signing in with an "Adobe ID".

    Adobe ID is created, owned, and managed by the end user. Adobe performs the authentication and the end user manages the identity. Users retain complete control over files and data associated with their ID.

Effective November 2017, Sheridan College began providing licenses via Enterprise/Federated ID. This ID type employs single sign-on by utilizing your Sheridan College user account.

    Enterprise/Federated ID is created, owned, and managed by the organization. Enterprise administrators create an Enterprise ID and issue it to a user. Admins control the access to products and services, and can centrally manage the user accounts.

What happens if I have been using my Sheridan College email address for my Adobe ID?

Users who have previously used a Sheridan College email address to create an Adobe ID may experience issues when trying to activate their Enterprise ID. To avoid any potential issues, you can change your Adobe ID email address to a personal email address (e.g. Gmail/Hotmail). Here is how:

  1. Go to the Adobe website.
  2. Select Sign-in.
  3. Sign in with the existing email address and password. (If prompted, please ensure that you are logging in using your Adobe ID and not an Enterprise ID).
  4. In the upper-right corner, select the user name and choose My Information.
  5. Change the email address (and password if you like) and select Save my changes.

Will I lose any information switching from an Adobe ID to an Enterprise ID?

Most staff are not impacted as storage and asset services have not previously been a part of our software license. However, some users may have data that they would like to transfer from private accounts. Here is more information about this process:

When you sign in with your Enterprise ID, you will essentially be signing into a new account. As such, data associated with your existing Adobe ID account (such as design library, fonts, files etc.) will not automatically transfer over. Files that are saved onto your computer are not impacted. However, data remains available with the existing Adobe ID account and can be manually migrated if needed.

For more information about how to migrate this data see Manual Asset Transfer on the Adobe website.

On how many computers can I install, activate, and use Creative Cloud applications?

You can activate your Creative Cloud license on up to two computers but can only use the software on one computer at a time. The software can also be installed on your College-owned device (if applicable).

I have Creative Cloud activated on two computers. How do I activate it on another computer?

You can activate your Creative Cloud individual subscription on up to two computers at a time (however note that the software can only be used on one computer at a time). If you have activated two computers and need to activate a new computer (for example, in the case of a lost or damaged device), you will need to first deactivate one of your other computers.

For more information about how to deactivate a device see Activate and deactivate Adobe Creative Cloud apps on the Adobe website.

How do I install and use Creative Cloud apps on a new computer?

If you are an existing user of Creative Cloud, there could be situations where you want to start using Creative Cloud on a new computer. For example:

  • You purchased a new computer, and want to start using Creative Cloud on that. However, you already activated Creative Cloud on two computers earlier.
  • Your previous computer is no more usable (for example, due to a hard disk crash).
  • You want to gift your existing computer to someone, but want to retain your Creative Cloud subscription and use it on a new computer.

Before you start downloading and installing the Creative Cloud apps on your new computer, make sure that Creative Cloud is deactivated on the computers you no longer want to use.

For more information see How do I install Creative Cloud apps on a new computer? on the Adobe website.

What if I cannot deactivate a computer because the device is no longer available?

If you cannot sign out of Creative Cloud because the computer or device is no longer available, deactivate the computer or device from your Account page.

  1. Visit and sign in with your Adobe Enterprise ID and password.
  2. In the Plans & Products section, select Manage plan.
  3. Under Activated devices, select the x next to the device you want to deactivate.
  4. Select Deactivate.

Once the computer or device is deactivated, you are signed out of Creative Cloud. You can then sign in to Creative Cloud from your new computer. Remember, you can only have two devices activated at any time. Make sure that you have only signed in to your Adobe apps on one other device before signing in (activating) on a second device.

For further details see Activate and deactivate Creative Cloud apps on the Adobe website.

What if I need to be offline for a while? Can I still access my Creative Cloud apps?

The Creative Cloud software verifies the account status on Adobe servers once a day. If the account is still active when the last verification happens, the software status refreshes to run for at least 99 days offline. The software still reminds you to connect to the Internet during this time. These reminders can be suppressed until the last 30 days, when a daily message prompts you to go online and refresh the software status.

For more information please see Internet connectivity, offline grace period, and reminders on the Adobe website.

There is a new version of a certain application for me to download. Am I required to install an upgraded version once it is available?

You can continue using your current version of the product and have flexibility on when and if you install a new release.

Do I have to uninstall the software after I am no longer an employee of the College?

Yes, the license is only valid while you are an active employee*. However, you can start a new subscription directly with Adobe if you wish to continue using the software.

* Licenses will remain active during extended leaves such as work sabbaticals. Your license will be active as long as your Program/Department coordinator does not de-activate your Sheridan College account/email address during your leave.

Will the software run on mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones?

Yes, staff and faculty have access to Adobe Mobile Apps. Note, only students in select programs have access to this feature.

What types of files can I store in Creative Cloud?

There are no restrictions on the file types you can store in Creative Cloud.

What happens to my files when I leave the College?

Any files that stored in the cloud will not be maintained once you are no longer an active user. Before you leave the College, please ensure that you save the necessary files by downloading the files from the cloud onto your computer’s hard drive.

For more information see Manual Asset Transfer on the Adobe website.