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Accessing a Shared Network Drive (macOS)

You must first establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection if working remotely

If you are working remotely and trying to configure and/or connect to shared drive you must first establish a VPN connection. Connecting via VPN offers Sheridan employees secure access to campus resources that would normally not be available off-campus. See Remote Access: Virtual Private Network to learn more.

  1. Select Go from the Finder menu and choose Connect to Server…

  2. The Run Window will open.
    • if you want to connect to acadshare type: afp://; and,
    • If you want to connect to adminshare type: smb://

  3. You will be prompted for your username and password.
    • Type your username and password; and,
    • Check the Remember this password in my keychain checkbox if you wish to automatically authenticate the next time you connect.

    adminshare connect

  4. Select the volume (drive) you want to access from the list and click OK.
    Map network drive

  5. You can now access the shared drive.
    Assign drive letter