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Configuring a Personal Network Drive (Windows 10)

You must first establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection if working remotely

If you are working remotely and trying to configure and/or connect to a network drive you must first establish a VPN connection. Connecting via VPN offers Sheridan employees secure access to campus resources that would normally not be available off-campus. See Remote Access: Virtual Private Network to learn more.

  1. From the Windows toolbar select the File Manager icon.
    Map Network Drive

  2. From the window that opens, select the following:
    1. This PC;
    2. Computer; and,
    3. Map network drive.

  3. At this point, you need to do a few of things:
    • Choose a letter designation to associate with the drive (avoid using “H” or “I” these are reserved for other network functions); and,
    • Enter the appropriate folder name for your profile – staff or student:
      • Staff: \\oa-adminhomexp\username
      • Students: enter the directory path specified in the User Info utility.
    • Select Reconnect at sign-in if you want to automatically connect to your personal network drive each time you sign in to your computer;
    • Select Connect using different credentials; and,
    • Select the Finish button.
  4. Network Drive Configuration

  1. Enter SHERNET\ followed by your username and then enter your password. Select Remember my credentials. Select OK.
    Network Drive Login

  2. Your network drive is now ready to use.
    Network Drive Mounted