IT Security Alert

Phishing Message: "Secure Message from Jeff Zabudsky"

[Nov. 3, 2016] Please be advised that there is currently a phishing email in circulation that is falsely attributed to being from Jeff Zabudsky. Phishing attacks may use spoofed email addresses and fake web sites to fool the recipients into divulging personal information such as user names and passwords, credit card numbers, social insurance numbers, etc.

A copy of this email that highlights some of the clues that this message is not legitimate appears below for your reference.

IT Security has blocked access to the URL referenced in the email from the Sheridan network. However, if you were able to access the link, and provided your credentials, contact the IT Service Desk immediately for advice and assistance. We are in the process of removing this email from everyone’s inbox.

The IT Service Desk can be contacted at extension 2150 or via email at

For more information on phishing attacks, please see ‘Phishing Messages: Don’t Get Hooked’.