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‘WannaCrypt’ Ransomware: Protect Yourself

[May 15, 2017] Many of you may have heard the news about an ongoing worldwide ransomware known as “WannaCrypt”. Ransomware is malicious software which infects a computer, denies access to the system or data, and demands a sum of money to restore the information.

The system vulnerability exploited by “WannaCrypt” was addressed by Microsoft in a security patch that was released in March, and you should know that Microsoft Windows patches are applied automatically to end-user computers managed by Sheridan. However, if your computer is not managed by Sheridan, or you are concerned about a personal device, please make sure your Microsoft security patches are up to date. It is important to ensure that you always apply the latest security and software patches.

Ransomware and other forms of malware are ever evolving. Here are a few additional reminders on how best to protect ourselves at work and at home:

Questions or Concerns?

If you believe your Sheridan computer is infected by ransomware or other malware, contact the IT Service Desk immediately by phoning ext. 2150.

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