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Phishing Alert

Fake Message from Job Placement & Student Services

[Jan 6, 2020] Please be advised that there is currently a phishing email* in circulation that is falsely attributed to being from Job Placement and Student Services. This email tells recipients they can earn extra money evaluating local stores and businesses and contains a link to a malicious website. DO NOT OPEN THE LINK IN THIS EMAIL.

* Phishing attacks may use spoofed email addresses and fake web sites to fool the recipients into divulging personal information such as user names and passwords, credit card numbers, social insurance numbers, etc.

A copy of this email and the attachment appears below for your reference. The highlighted link is not active in this example.



There's an ongoing survey recruitment exercise for part-time or full-time survey takers. You're paid to shop and evaluate stores and businesses around you. You get to make up to $300 weekly. You'll evaluate and comment on customer service rendered. It also doubles as a great 2nd job and does not affect your present employment or studies.I tried it and i made cool cash, If you are interested you can visit their website at to apply and read more about the job.

Best Regards.

Job Placement And Student Services
Sheridan College

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