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image of smart phone showing 'at risk' app categoriesSecure Your Phone: Keep Your Personal Information Personal

Use a Lock Code

[October 1, 2018] Your mobile phone contains a lot of personal information—from your contacts, emails, texts, and pictures to apps that allow direct access to your social media accounts and online shopping and banking services.

Your phone may also contain information related to Sheridan business. If you have not set a lock code and you have configured access to your Sheridan email and/or are working with Sheridan files via OneDrive or OneNote you could be compromising the information of other users as well as the organization. If your phone is lost or stolen, you would need to report a privacy breach via the Office of General Counsel.

Bottom line, you should always use a lock code on your phone to keep your data and information safe and secure.

Enable Find My iPhone (Apple)/Find My Device (Android)

By activating Find My iPhone (Apple) or Find My Device (Android) you will be able to access features that will will allow you to track, manage and secure your phone should it ever go missing.

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For other tips on keeping your phone secure, see Smartphone Security 101: The Steps that Matter Most*.

* This article is featured on the Wired website.