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Death & Taxes: Be Wary of the Latest Phishing Scams

[Mar. 9, 2020] With tax season upon us and widespread concern about the coronavirus, users need to be extremely cautious about some of the email that may land in their in-box. Cybercriminals often use current affairs to make their scams seem more relevant.

Coronavirus Miracle Cures/Latest News

Cybersecurity companies have identified a number of campaigns by hackers who are attempting to exploit concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak for their own criminal ends. Phoney emails about health advice and more are being sent in an attempt to steal login credentials and financial details.

The Norton website has a page that offers more information about Coronavirus phishing emails.

Beware of Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Tax Scams

You also need to be vigilant if you receive a text, email, letter or phone call from someone claiming to be from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). They may tell you that you are entitled to a refund, owe money, or claim that your return is missing information – all in an attempt to get you to disclose sensitive, personal information such as social insurance, credit card, passport or bank account numbers. Further, they may also threaten you with legal action or jail if you don't pay a certain amount.

To learn more about CRA scams and steps you can take to safeguard yourself, see Tax Time is Looming – Beware of CRA Scams on the IT website.

Protecting Yourself and Your Data

Informing yourself is the best protection against fraud. Further info about phishing attacks and malicious attachments are available via the links below:

Questions or Concerns?

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