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Recycling and Sharing: Not When it Comes to Passwords

decorative image of of man passing woman secret keyUse Unique Passwords for Websites & Online Services

[October 24, 2019] Reusing the same password for different websites and services, or sharing your password with friends or colleagues, can have a ripple effect leading to multiple breaches if just one of your accounts is hacked. It’s important to use a unique password for each of the services you access to keep your information safe and secure.

Using a Different Password for Every Account – the Easy Way!

It can certainly be tedious to remember and/or manage unique and secure passwords for every account that you access, and that’s where a password manager can help make the process seamless. Some examples of password managers you can check out include:

Password Sharing can Lead to Over-sharing

Quite often people don’t think twice about sharing passwords with friends or colleagues. This is a dangerous practice for a couple of big reasons:

Remember, when it comes to passwords, be unique and keep them to yourself.

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