IT Security Alert

Phishing Alert: Another Fake Message from Janet Morrison

[August 29, 2019] Please be advised that there is currently a phishing email* in circulation that is falsely attributed to being from Janet Morrison. This email instructs users to open a malicious attachment titled, 'Sheridan College.pdf'. The link in this document directs users to a malevolent website where users are asked to take further action. DO NOT OPEN THIS ATTACHMENT OR FOLLOW ANY LINKS CONTAINED WITHIN.

* Phishing attacks may use spoofed email addresses and fake web sites to fool the recipients into divulging personal information such as user names and passwords, credit card numbers, social insurance numbers, etc.

A copy of this email and the attachment appears below for your reference.

Subject: Sheridan College of Criminal Justice Re-Evaluated and Up to Date Responsible Use of Technology Resources For All Employees

Dear Colleagues:

Dear Colleagues: Our aim is to provide guidance and align our behaviors as we make great decisions that impact our daily operations. We rely on our values and this code as guidelines, as a breach of the Policy may result in disciplinary action against the Employee concerned.

All employees, including all individuals on full-time or part-time employment with the institution, are required to go through the guidelines attached in this email. It is important that we all adhere to these guidelines so you will be helping to ensure the future success of this great institution

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to delivering a better and reliable service.

Janet Morrison, Ph.D.
President and Vice Chancellor
1430 Tralgar Road
Oakville, Ontario L6H2L1

Questions or Concerns?

Further info about phishing attacks and malicious attachments are available via the links below:

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to servicedesk@sheridancollege.