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Fake Coronavirus Communications

image of sign reading "Beware COVID-19 Scams"[April 7, 2021] The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive shift in the number of employees who are working remotely. Consequently, this presents the perfect opportunity for scammers to take advantage of people’s fears around the disease by sending fraudulent emails and making phone calls that attempt to trick you into revealing your personal information or clicking on malicious links or attachments.

There are a variety of reported scams that you should be vigilant of, including:

Protecting Yourself

COVID-19 Frauds and Scams

Details regarding a number of current scams along with resources on combating disinformation can be found on the Government of Canada’s COVID-19: Frauds and scams page.

Reporting Suspicious Messages

The Phish Alert plug-in for Outlook* makes reporting phishing emails to IT easy. Once installed, restart your Outlook client and you’re ready to report any ‘phishy’ emails at the click of a button. Phish Alert can be downloaded from Sheridan’s AppsAnywhere portal.

* available to Sheridan employees only

Not sure about a communication? Reach out to the Service Desk

When in doubt, reach out to the service desk for a second opinion. The IT Service Desk can be contacted at 905-845-9430 ext. 2150 via email at