IT Security Alert

Phishing Alert: 'Workspace Document or File for Review'

[June 11, 2021] Please be advised that there are phishing* emails in circulation with bogus links that users should be wary of. The messages feature phony 'Review Document' and 'Download the OneDrive app' links. These messages look like they are coming from another Sheridan user and feature the subject lines:

A copy of this bogus email appears below for your reference. The other variants of this message are very similar but features the other subject line noted above.

Phishing message sample
Mousing over the links in the email reveals that URL you will be directed to – 'beautycriticizer' is obviously not a place to review documents or download OneDrive.

If you received any of the messages referenced above, clicked the link, and entered your credentials, you must change your password immediately. See Changing Your Network Password for details.

* Phishing attacks may use spoofed email addresses and fake web sites to fool the recipients into divulging personal information such as user names and passwords, credit card numbers, social insurance numbers, etc.

Questions or Concerns?

Further info about phishing attacks is available via the link below:

If you have questions or concerns, contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to