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Best Practices for Backing up Data

[updated June 4, 2020] Data is the most important aspect of your device. The operating system can be reinstalled and so can applications, but it may be difficult or impossible to recreate your original data.

Why Should I Backup my Data?

Some of the reasons for backing up your data are:

What Should I Backup?

Backup any information that is important to you. For example, document folders, and browser bookmarks. At the very least, IT recommends you backup the following:

Please note: Employee Email is Backed Up Automatically

Because all of Sheridan's corporate email is stored on our Exchange server, each employee's email is backed up every night. If you ever need to have your email restored contact

Where Should I Keep my Backups?

Sheridan OneDrive - the Preferred Back-up Option

We strongly recommend you use your Sheridan OneDrive to store your file backups. Each Sheridan user gets 1TB of storage that can be accessed remotely. To start using your Sheridan OneDrive service visit and login with your Sheridan student or employee credentials to access your OneDrive Online account. Read more on Sheridan OneDrive page.

Other Back-up Options

* Recommended for your most important files. Network shares and personal network drives are automatically backed up every night.
** Some factors to consider when deciding on an appropriate external device are speed, size, portability and security.

Backup Tips