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Optimizing Client Printing at Sheridan

I.T. is aware that some users across the College have been experiencing issues with printing. Specifically, it can take a long time for a print job to be completed.

Upon investigation of the problem, it has been determined that most slow printing issues are client based.  When a print job is submitted, the server tries to make a connection back to the client machine. If Windows firewall is enabled the connection is blocked. Consequently, the print job either fails or takes a very long time to process. Creating a "firewall n exception" to allow inbound traffic on port 445 from the print servers (.100 subnet) allows printing to continue as expected.

Windows 7 (Windows Firewall with Advanced Security)

  1. Click the Windows Start Button and type into the search field "windows". Windows Firewall with Advanced Security will appear under the Programs heading. Select it to launch the program.
    start Windows Firewall

  2. Select Inbound Rules from the left column.
    Windows Firewall inbound rules

  3. Select Netlogon Service (NP-In). Right-click and select “properties”.

  4. Click the Scope tab. Under Remote IP addresses, click the radio button beside "These IP addresses:" and click the Add button.
    scope remote ip

  5. In the field below These IP addresses or subnet enter: and click OK.
    scope ip

  6. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

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