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Ordering Printer Maintenance & Supplies for Lexmark Printers

Available to

  • All active Sheridan employees who work in an administrative area


  • must have an e-way account to order supplies from Staples

Ordering Paper

Users should contact Shipping and Receiving for their printer paper. The cost of paper is the responsibility of each administrative area.

Ordering Toner, Photoconductors, and Other Supplies

Each administrative area is responsible for ordering and replacing consumable supplies for their printer (toner, photoconductors, staple cartridges, maintenance kits*, etc.) We strongly recommend one person in each area be responsible for coordinating supply orders so there is no duplication of effort or orders.

Ordering Supplies for Multifunction Printers from 4Office

The cost of toner and photoconductor supplies for the multifunction printers listed below is covered under the terms of our contract with 4Office. For all other printer models, supplies must be ordered from Staples.

  • XM3150
  • XM7155
  • XS748
  • XS798
  • XS864
  • XS955

Supplies can be ordered online at:

* before ordering a maintenance kit please contact so that an Service Desk staff member can be dispatched to confirm that a new maintenance kit is actually required for your pinter.

Ordering Supplies from Staples

If you have one of the printer models listed below, toner and supplies should be ordered through Staples:

  • Lexmark series 700 colour printers
  • Lexmark 5240 colour printer
  • Lexmark 544x series colour printers
  • Lexmark T644
  • Lexmark E35xx series printers
  • Lexmark E460x series printers
  • Lexmark T650
  • Lexmark T654

Please contact if you have a printer that is not listed above and requires toner.

Ordering printer supplies from Staples requires an E-way account. If you don’t already have an E-way account, contact Mary Bozin in Purchasing at ext. 2637 or send email to

Supplies can be ordered online at: . If you don't see the toner cartridge or supplies you are looking for, contact the customer care number listed on the Staples website and they can likely order the supplies you are looking for directly from Lexmark.

Support & Maintenance

Paper or Staple Jams

In the event of a paper jam or staple jam, you can try to correct the problem your self by following the instructions on the printer's touch screen. There is also a troubleshooting category for each product video that is referenced in our online support materials. These videos will show you exactly how deal with jams that may affect your particular printer model.

Alternatively, you can always contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or email to have a support technician dispatched to your area to look after the problem.

Service Calls

Some problems will require the intervention of a service technician. If your printer malfunctions and requires service, contact the IT Service Desk and they will place a service call on your behalf. Again, you can call ext. 2150 or send email to