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Pay-for-Print Info for Sheridan Students

Currently there are two separate account balances and top-up procedures associated with each student's onecard. There is one account and process associated with printing and another account and process for general purpose transactions (e.g. bookstore or cafeteria transactions).

  1. Funds deposited into your Cash account (aka Flex account) can be used as payment for any onecard transaction, including printing.
  2. Funds deposited into your Printing Account* (aka PaperCut account) can only be used for printing

You are strongly encourage to add funds to your Cash account rather than your Printing account where funds can be allocated for any onecard transaction.

* As students taking classes through the Faculty of Continuting and Professional Studies do not receive a onecard, funds can only be deposited to the Printing account.

Printing Charges

Sheridan students are required to pay for printing. Photocopying, where available, will be charged at the same rates indicated below. Scanning to email, where available, is free of charge. Charges are as follows:

Paper Size Grayscale Single Sided Grayscale Duplex Colour Single Sided Colour Duplex
8.5 x 11 (letter) $.05/page $.07/page $.21/page $.41/page
8.5 x 14 (legal)* $.07/page $.10/page $.31/page $.61/page
11 x 17 (tabloid)* $.09/page $.13/page $.41/page $.81/page

* where available
† colour printing currently only available at HMC campus

One-Time $5 Printing Credit for All Sheridan Students

Upon enrollment to Sheridan, new students (Full-time, Part-time, Joint Programs, FCAPS) will receive a starting balance of $5 in their PaperCut account. Once a student's initial $5 credit is depleted, they will have to top-up their printing account via one of the top-up options listed below.

Print GreenTo view details for your PaperCut account, log-in to the PaperCut website with your Sheridan credentials.

Topping Up Your Printing Account

Top-Up Online

Students can top-up their printing accounts via the Printing Top-Up link in MyStudent Centre. Top-ups are available in $5, $10 and $20 denominations. Payment is by bank debit card only. Currently, the following banks are supported:

* new TD debit cards that feature longer card numbers and chip technology are not currently supported.

Print GreenFor details about purchasing print credits online, click here.

Other Top-up Locations

Top-up credits can also be purchased from the locations listed below. Payment is by bank debit card only from these locations.

Transfer Credits to Another Student

Printing credits can be freely transferred between active students’ accounts from within PaperCut. Any such transfer is performed by the student. Sheridan staff will not facilitate or otherwise be involved in student-to-student credit transfers or disputes. There is no minimum amount requirement for transfers.

Pleaser note: credits can only be transferred when you have funds in your PaperCut account. Credits cannot be transferred from your $5 starting balance.

Print GreenTo learn more, please see Transfer Credits to Another Students


Students may apply to have printing credits refunded in the event of :

Refunds will NOT be issued for:

Print GreenFor further details please see Refund of Printing Credits.

PaperCut Account Balances* Upon Leaving Sheridan

Balances of $5 or more

One year after the student’s final course or term completes, any balance of $5 or greater remaining in a student's PaperCut account will be credited to the student’s financial account, viewable via myStudent Centre.

Balances less than $5

A balance of less than $5 will automatically be transferred to the Sheridan Student Bursary Fund.

* Any credits remaining from a student's initial $5 starting balance are non-refundable and non-transferable.