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Mac Print Monitor - Getting the Password Prompt

When you change your network password, you must re-authenticate against any service that utilizes your Sheridan password. In most cases, you are automatically prompted to provide your password—printing is one exception where you are not automatically prompted. To bring up the authentication box, follow the steps below.

  1. Send your job to the printer as normal.
    print command

  2. You should notice the printer queue icon bouncing in the dock — there will be a yellow icon over it indicating an 'alert'.
    print queue alert

  3. Click to printer queue to open it — the job will be held in the queue with the message 'Hold for Authentication'. Click the round arrow icon next to your job to resume.
    resume queue

  4. You should now be prompted to enter your credentials.

In the event the above process does not work and the print queue becomes unresponsive, you will have to delete the keychain item associated with that printer - the keychain manager is an application that can be used to manage the stored passwords on your Mac.

  1. Start to type 'Keychain' in the Spotlight search box. Keychain Access should appear. Click to launch the application.
    spotlight keychain

  2. Highlight the item 'login' under the Keychains heading and 'Passwords' under Category. Highlight the printer you were trying to print to - it's name should correspond to the name of the printer in the print dialogue box when you initially sent your job to print.
    keychain view

  3. Right click on the entry for the printer and select the Delete command.
    delete printer

  4. Quit the Keychain Access application and go back to print your job. You will now be prompted for your credentials.