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How to Automatically Release a Print Job from Any Network Printer on the 'Green' Queue

This document will show you how to send a print job directly to a specific network printer via the 'green' print queue without having to release it at the printer level with your onecard.
  1. Issue the print command form the application you are printing from as you normally would—make sure the 'Green Print' queue is selected.
    Example Print Dialogue Box

  2. Open a web browser and go to: and log-in with your Sheridan credentials.

  3. Select the link Jobs Pending Release.
    Papercut Home Page

  4. You should see your print job in the queue. Click the print link found under the Action column.
    Jobs Pending Release

  5. You will see a list of possible print queues – across all campuses – that are available to you. Select the printer where you want your job released from. Printers in the list are prefaced with their campus location followed by the room the printer is located in.
    print queue options

  6. As soon as you select a printer, your job will be queued and automatically released from the printer your selected. Your PaperCut account will be charged the amount indicated, if applicable.
    jobs pending release

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