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Connecting to the Sheridan Secure Access Wireless Network with MacOS

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the toolbar. Turn Wi-Fi on if it is not already enabled. Select Sheridan Secure Access.

  2. In the authentication window that appears, make sure automatic is selected from the Mode dropdown menu. Enter your Sheridan username and password and click Join.

  3. If it is your first time connecting to Sheridan Secure Access you will be prompted to verify the security certificate. Click Show Certificate to view details.

  4. Confirm the certificate is and issued by GeoTrust . Click Continue.

  5. If you are prompted to update your Certificate Trust Settings, make sure to enter the admin password for your computer and NOT your Sheridan user credentials. Click Update Settings when done.

  6. You should now be connected to the Sheridan Secure Access wireless network.

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