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Connecting to the Sheridan Secure Access Wireless Network with an Android Device

  1. Launch the Settings app. From the Connections tab select Wi-Fi to see the list of available networks. Select Sheridan Secure Access.
    image showing wi-fi options

  2. In the authentication window that appears the settings should be as below (note: you will need to scroll down to see and complete all of the required fields):
    • EAP Method: PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication: None
    • CA certificate*: (unspecified) OR (Do not validate)
    • Identity: your Sheridan user name
    • Anonymous identity: leave blank
    • Enter password: your Sheridan password

* options may vary depending on your device.

    image showing connection details part 1
    image showing connection details part 2

  1. After you have completed entering your credentials tap CONNECT. You should now be connected to the Sheridan Secure Access wireless network.
    image showing successful connection

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