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Connecting to the "Sheridan Secure Access" Wireless Network – Windows 8.1

  1. From the start screen access the windows 8.1 charms menu. (by moving your mouse pointer to the top right corner or swiping from the right of the screen)
    Start > Charms

  2. Select the wireless icon to list available WiFi networks.
    wifi networks

  3. Select Sheridan Secure Access from the list of available networks. Click the Connect automatically checkbox or you will have to manually connect to the wireless network every time you wish to access it.
    Sheridan Secure Access

  4. Input your Sheridan user name and password and click OK.
    authentication screen

  5. When prompted select “connect” to accept Sheridan’s wireless certificate (you may not be prompted if you have connected to Sheridan’s WiFi network before).
    Accept Certificate

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