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Configuring the Outlook App for Office 365 (iOS)

Follow the instructions below to configure your Sheridan Office 365 student/alumni account for the Microsoft Outlook app on your iOS device.

  1. Launch the Outlook app.

  2. Select Exchange from the list of mail services.
    Add Account

  3. Add your account information as follows and tap OK when done:
    • Email:
      do not use the traditional format
    • Password: your Sheridan password
    • Description: enter a description for the account (e.g. Sheridan)

    user credentials

  4. To complete the setup, you will need to enter some server details. Complete as follows and tap OK when done:
    • Server:
    • Username: your Sheridan username

    server details

  5. You will see the screen below when your account has been set-up. You will need to tap the Take a Quick Tour Button to proceed (whether or not you want to take the tour).
    Account Added screen

  6. You can swipe through the screens to continue through the tour if you like. Tap the close icon at the top to get to your Inbox.

  7. You will be prompted to indicate whether or not you would like to see notifications from Outlook. Select your preference.

    synch other

  8. Your Sheridan account is now setup and ready to be accessed through your iOS device. The window below shows the Sheridan account setup and ready to use in Outlook. Tap the icons at the bottom of the window to access your Calendar and other options.
    mailbox sample

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