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Configuring a Blackberry Device for Office 365

  1. From the Blackberry home screen select Settings > Accounts
    settings > accounts

  2. Select the Advanced button at the bottom of the screen.
    add account - advanced

  3. Choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
    exchange active sync

  4. Enter your account details as illustrated below – tap Next when done.
    • Description: enter a description for the account (e.g. Office 365)
    • Domain: leave this blank
    • Username:
      do not use the format
    • Password: your Sheridan password
    • Server Address:
    • Port: 443
    • Use SSL: On
    • Use VPN: Off
    • Download Messages While Roaming: On
    • Push: On
    • Sync Interval: Manual
    • Sync Time frame: specify a duration of your choosing

    account details account details

  5. Select the account items you wish to sync and press Done. It will take a few moments for the system to save and verify your settings.
    synch settings account verification

  6. Your Office 365 account setup is now complete.
    setup completed

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