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Configuring the Gmail App on an Android Device

[updated August 16, 2019] Follow the instructions* below to configure your Sheridan email account for use with the Gmail app on your Android device.

* Created using Android 9 (Pie)

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Select Accounts and backup.
    add account screen

  3. Choose Add account from the list of account types.
    email account options
  4. Select Exchange.

  5. Enter your Sheridan email address. It should be in the format: Tap NEXT when done.
    enter email address
  6. Enter your Sheridan password at the prompt. Tap NEXT.
    enter password

  7. The next screen will display some additional server settings. Change the server address to: – tap NEXT when done.
    example of server settings
  8. The Remote security administration warning will appear. Tap OK.
    remote security alert
  9. The device administrator alert will appear next. Tap ACTIVATE.
    device admin alert

  10. Your account configuration should now be complete. You can give the account a name if you wish. If not, your email address will be used as an account identifier.
    setup complete
  11. You can see that your Sheridan account has now been added. You can now exit the Settings app.

  12. You can now launch the Gmail application to access your Sheridan, Office 365 email account. Note that it can take several minutes for your account settings to synchronize and your email to appear.
    gmail launch example gmail inbox example

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