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Email, Spam and Virus Filters

Information Technology uses Office 365 email services that increase protection for our Sheridan community by quarantining spam, phishing and malware messages.


1. What is spam, malware and phishing?

Spam refers to unsolicited, bulk email messages. Spam messages may contain deceptive content used by cybercriminals for identity theft and fraud. This activity is called phishing. Spam may also be used to deliver malicious software called malware. Office 365 email filters quarantine email messages that appear to be spam, phishing and malware. Microsoft also sends a message advising when sensitive information is sent by a user to an external email addresses, e.g., credit card numbers and social insurance numbers. For more information on phishing follow: Phishing Messages, Don’t Get Hooked.

2. How will I know I have quarantined email messages?

A weekly digest email message will be delivered to your inbox from Microsoft. You will no longer release quarantined messages from the PureMessage weekly digest. Productivity tip: Use OneDrive and send the recipient a link to the file instead of sending an attachment. Why? Office365 protects our Sheridan community by blocking the sending and receiving of executable file formats and other types of attachments known to spread malicious software. When this happens, the sender is sent a message from Microsoft’s Postmaster advising their message has been sent with the attachments removed. For more information on Office Online and OneDrive see:

3. How can my quarantined messages be accessed on demand?

Visit Manage Your Quarantined Email to review, filter, sort, remove and release your quarantined messages anytime.

4. How long are my email messages kept in quarantine?

Quarantined messages are kept in quarantine for 30 days. Messages are then automatically deleted and are not retrievable.

5. How do I release, view, preview, download or remove quarantined messages?

On the Quarantine management page, select the message to view details about it. You can release the message to your inbox, preview, download or delete the message from quarantine immediately.