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Resource Mail Boxes

Available to:

  • Sheridan Employees


A resource mailbox is an email box that’s assigned to a physical location, such as a conference room, an auditorium, or a training room, allowing it to be booked as resource using Sheridan's employee email and calendar tools. After an administrator provisions a mailbox for a room, users will be able to search for and book this resource using their email/calendar client. For details about adding room resources see the Support & Resources section of this page.

Key Features

  • Allows common resources to be scheduled and reserved.

Getting Started

Requesting a Meeting Room Mail Box

To request a Meeting Room resource to be created in Exchange, please contact the Service Desk and provide the following information:

  • The campus and room # of the resource to be created.

  • Indicate whether the room is openly bookable by all staff and faculty, or whether It needs to be restricted to a specific list of individuals (if so, please provide the email addresses or usernames of these individuals).

  • Indicate whether booking requests can be approved automatically on a first-come, first-served basis, or whether one or more staff members need to review and approve requests (if so please provide the email addresses or usernames of these individuals).

Support & Resources


Booking Room Resources in Your Calendar

Sheridan's Exchange server treats room locations as invitees so room details must be added in the Invitees/Attendees field of your email desktop email application or mobile application. Unfortunately, the method for adding Sheridan room resources can vary amongst apps and applications. Follow the guides below for adding room resources to your Sheridan calendar bookings.


In Person Support

Available at the IT Service Desk counter.

Phone or Email

Call the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to