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Configuring Mail for Mac OS X

Mail is the default mail program for the Mac OS and comes pre-installed on all Macintosh computers. To configure Mail to use your Sheridan email account follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch System Preferences…

  2. Select Mail, Contacts & Calendars
    (Note: in OSX v. 10.9x this is labled Internet Accounts)
    mail prefs

  3. If you have an existing Mail configuration for Sheridan's legacy system we strongly suggest you remove your old profile before creating your new Exchange account (if not, proceed to step 4).
    • Select your existing Sheridan account and click the minus symbol at the bottom of the account pane to delete your old account.
    • if you have an LDAP configuration for Sheridan contacts you can delete this as well. Sheridan's staff directory will be available to you when you configure your Exchange account.

  1. To add your new account, choose Microsoft Exchange from the list on the right to begin creating your Sheridan Exchange account.
    add Exchange

  2. Enter your account information as follows and click continue when done:
    • Name: Sheridan
    • Email Address:
      (you must specify your user name – do not use the traditional address)
    • Password: your Sheridan password

    add account info

  3. A summary of your account details will appear. Click continue.
    account summary

  4. You can also integrate your settings with your contacts, calendars& reminders, and notes. Check them all to enjoy full funtionality with Exchange.
    add calendar, contacts

  5. Your account is now setup and ready for use. You can close the the system settings pane. The Mail & Calendar apps are now setup and ready for you to use.
    setup complete

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