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Email Services Moving to Modern Authentication on May 10, 2021

Sheridan's email services are about to get more secure as we make the move to Modern Authentication starting on Monday, May 10. Make sure your email app is up-to-date.

Available to

  • Sheridan Employees


  • Must be a Sheridan employee and adhere to the guidelines set out in Sheridan's Acceptable Use Policy; and,

  • Must have an employee network account, including a Sheridan username and password (created during the onboarding process).

  • If you are part-time faculty or part-time staff, your manager or his/her designate will need to contact the IT Service Desk to request an email account for you (once a Sheridan employee number has been created for you).

About Employee Email & Calendar

Sheridan offers employees comprehensive email and calendar tools powered by Microsoft Exchange. The assignment of a personalized email address and mail box is part of the account creation process when employees are on-boarding at Sheridan.

Key Features

  • Email: email can be accessed through a number of desktop clients and mobile apps or via the Outlook Web IT. See the Email & Calendar Resources tab for details.

  • Calendaring: manage your schedule and view the free/busy time of your colleagues to better manage appointments and meetings.

  • Address Books: access Sheridan's employee directory and/or manage your own contact lists from one place.

  • Tasks: create and assign tasks from start to finish that can be integrated with email notification.

Things to Note

  • Quota: employee mail boxes have an enforced quota of 50GB. If you believe that 50GB will not meet your needs, contact so we can ensure you have the storage space you require.

  • Attachment Sizes: the maximum attachment size a user can send or receive is 25MB.

  • Retention: items in a user's trash folder that are more than 30 days old will be automatically removed. You will have an additional 30 days before the item(s) will be permanently deleted. Learn how to recover deleted items.

Getting Started

Your Sheridan account can be accessed with a web browser and/or with desktop or mobile apps. See Email & Calendar Resources for configuration guides and other helpful information.

Email & Calendar Resources

Client Configuration Guide for Desktop & Mobile Apps

Email Client Configuration Guides

Outlook Online

To access your email and calendar quickly, Outlook Online will offer you the most hassle-free experience and no set-up is required. Simply use a web browser to go to and select the Outlook link. 




Configuration Guides


Configuration Guides

User Guides & Resources

Email/Calendar User Guides & Resources

General Reference Guides

Distribution Lists

A distribution list is a list of several mail recipients that is addressed as a single recipient, allowing you to send email to groups of people without having to enter each recipient's individual address.

Resource Mailboxes

A resource mailbox is an email box that’s assigned to a physical location, allowing it to be booked as resource.

Shared Mailboxes

Sheridan Email Signature Generator

Resources from LinkedIn Learning

Several video tutorials regarding email/calendar usage are available from LinkedIn Learning, including resources for Outlook and the default mail/calendar apps for macOS. Follow the instructions below to access the courses:

  1. Go to
  2. You will be directed to Sheridan's single sign-on page. Enter your Sheridan credentials. You will return to LinkedIn Learning.
  3. Use the search field at the top of the page to find learning resources (example search terms: Outlook; macos mail)

Anti-Spam Resources

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: A Guide for Sheridan Employees

CASL is the Anti-Spam Legislation that came into effect in Canada on July 1, 2014. It affects all Colleges and Universities and as email users we are all individually responsible for compliance. CASL is complex legislation – each of us must understand the basic rules and ask for help if unsure about whether an email might be covered.

Sheridan's Legal department has put together a series of documents to help employees understand what kind of messages CASL applies to and the steps we need to take when sending commercial messages.

Email Spam & Virus Filters

Troubleshooting Email Problems

In order to troubleshoot email problems related to spam and/or viruses you may be asked to provide a copy of the original message to the Service Desk with full header information and/or send the message as an attachment.


In Person Support

Available at the IT Service Desk.

Phone or Email

Call the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to