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Adding Delegate Access to Outlook (OS X)

The instructions below are applicable to both Outlook 2011 and Outlook 2016.

To allow other users access to your calendar, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Outlook

  2. Click the Outlook menu item and select Preferences…
    Outlook preferences menu

  3. Click Accounts

  4. Make sure your Sheridan account is selected and click the Advanced… button
    choose delegagte

  5. In the Accounts window choose Delegate.
    • If you want to specify a delegate to access your resources, under the field Delegates who can act on my behalf click the + button.
    • If you want to specify a person who you are a delegate for, click the + button under the field People I am a delegate for. Note you will not be able to access the calendar until the calendar owner specifies you as a delegate so we recommend you wait until you receive notification from the calendar owner before adding them here.

    select delegates

  6. Search for and select the user for whom you want to grant delegate access or the person you are a delegate for. Click Add.
    select delegates

  7. Use the popup menus beside each item to grant the appropriate permissions. We recommend you check beside Send permissions summary(this will send email notification to your specified delegate). Click OK.
    permission details

  8. Click OK to complete.
    delegate added

  9. Shared calendars will appear in the left side of the pane of the calendar window.