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How to Set Up Delegate Access in Calendar (Mac OS X)

  1. Open Calendar and from the Calendar menu select Preferences

  2. Select the accounts icon and then the delegation tab

  3. To allow others access to your calendar select the Edit… button

  4. Select the plus symbol to add/search for a delegate of your calendar
    add delegate

  5. Select the user you wish to grant access to your calendar. You can modify the calendar or tasks permissions by selecting on of the following options—click Done when complete:
    • Read Only - can read entries only
    • Read/Create - can read and modify existing entries
    • Read/Write - can read, modify and create new entries


  6. As a Delegate you must add the calendar you've been given permission to manage. From the delegation tab select the plus symbol beneath 'Accounts I can access:' to add users for whom you have delegate access*.

    Note: the user must have granted you delegate access before you can access their calendar.

    add delegate