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How to Send Commercial Email Messages (CEMs) with the Outlook Web App (OWA)

If you are sending commercial email messages (CEMs) on the behalf of Sheridan and you are not using an email marketing tool such as Emma to distribute email and manage email subscriptions, you MUST use the Outlook Web App* to flag and send your CEMs.

* Outlook desktop clients are not supported

  1. Open a web browser and go to – login with your Sheridan user name and password.

  2. Select the menu item New > Message to begin composing a new email message. The new message pane will appear.
    compose new message

  3. Select the Permission icon at the top of the message pane and choose Commercial Electronic Message (CEM) from the list of menu options.
    select tag
    Tagged message

  4. After flagging your outgoing message as Commercial Electronic Message (CEM) compose your email as normal.

    One of the key requirements of the CASL legislation is that every Commercial Electronic Message* (CEM) include a clear unsubscribe mechanism. The system will automatically insert a footer for your message that includes reference to the appropriate subscription management* options for the user. The footer will read:

Footer Statement

To unsubscribe from future communications and/or manage your Sheridan subscriptions use the link below to 
update your email preferences:
    Upon sending your message, the server will automatically analyze your recipient list and will disqualify any user who has indicated that they do not wish to receive commercial email from Sheridan—you will receive return email for each instance indicating the following:
    • CEM rejected - recipient has requested to be unsubscribed from all Sheridan CEM

* The Sheridan Email Subscription Centre is used to manage user subscription preferences.

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