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How to Set Up A Meeting in Calendar (iOS)

The instructions below are for users who use the native Calendar app on their iOS device to manage their meetings and events for their Sheridan Exchange account.

  1. Open Calendar and tap inside the day you want to create a new entry (or click the plus symbol on the top-right side).
    iOS default calendar

  2. The New Event Window will pop up where you will enter the appointment details.

    • Title: type the name of your meeting/appointment
    • Location: not used (Sheridan's Exchange server treats locations as Invitees so room details must be added there - see step 3a below)
    • All-day: turned on by default. Switch off to specify a start and end time for your meeting.
    • Repeat: use to specify recurrances of your meeting, if applicable.
    • Calendar: if you have more than one calendar configured, use this to select your Sheridan calendar (if not already specificed as your default calendar)

    Be sure to select your Sheridan calendar (if not already specificed as your default calendar)

    • Invitees: used to invite other people from Sheridan and/or to book meeting rooms (see step 3a and 3b below).
    • Alert: options for specifying meeting reminders
    • Show As: display options for your calendar (e.g. Busy; Out-of-Office; etc.)
    • Private: toggle on to keep private from other users/deligates browsing your calendar

  3. Adding Invitees
    1. To book a meeting room for your appointment, you can view available rooms by typing the campus codes* listed below in the Add Invitees field. Please note that you MUST enter a space following the campus codes for the Hazel McCallion and Skills Training Centre campuses to see rooms for these locations.
      • Davis Campus: davis
      • Hazel McCallion Campus: hmc [space]
      • Skills Training Centre: stc [space]
      • Trafalgar Road Campus: traf

    * the campus codes referenced above are unique to booking rooms with the iOS calendar app.

    1. To invite other people to your meeting, begin by typing their first or last name in the Invitees field and select them from the list of users returned by the system.

      add people

  4. Complete any other details associated with your meeting. You can set alerts or add notes. When you are finished click Add.